America’s Cult of Lesser-Evil Politics

Discounting the anomaly of populist independent candidates who might appear once in a blue moon with a timely cause, Americans have been content, chloroformed many would contend, accepting a two-party political system which obscenely, and exclusively, caters to special interests.  That while proudly, yet farcically, proclaiming to the world that this system is an enviable model for a working democracy, instead of the elitist-plutocracy which it proves out to be.  A well-oiled two-party system staffed, save in rare occasions, by people who choose “to serve the public,” not so much following a specific ideology, but a secure life of ease and, often, of power.  That is the American politics that is engraved in my mind with a smattering of democratic family-dynasties emulating the royal houses of Europe: the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Clintons quickly coming to mind.

American politics may appear as simplistic to much of the world’s press, but to us in this great plutocracy that is the United States of America, Republicans and Democrats, the forever act-alike, look-alike leadership in foreign policy and love of Empire, we often are presented with only a few shades of grey from which to choose at the polls.   

Sadly however, that quadrennial entertainment that we have had for generations could be on its way to extinction in our political lives.  No; not the monochromatic world of international politics now in the hands of empire-enforced predatory capitalism, just the shades of grey on domestic policy which have kept us, an ideological-captive citizenry, entertained all these years – presenting the US to the world as a model for democracy, instead of the counterfeit democratic government is has shown to be.

If in the preface to this 2016 presidential election Donald Trump becomes affirmed as the Republican candidate, which at this stage sports not just a possibility but a rational probability of success, Democrats would be pleased to no end.  They would be watching with both incredulity and bewilderment how Pied Piper Trump leads conservatives to a political hara-kiri (trump-a-kiri?).  Both Grand Old Party and Grand Ole Opry would be celebrating a common funeral of God-do-not-bless-America scary proportions.  The GOP might just become a tiny tent for political zombies: the uppity-class remnants of the old-money class, a few die-hards farmers from the Heartland and a handful of heirs of the haves Castro kicked out Cuba and settled in the US – a mafia-political force in Florida that has greatly influenced not only American foreign policy but also past presidential elections through its third largest state representation, tied with New York state (29), after California (55) and Texas (38).

American plutocratic politics, should Donald Trump’s candidacy be confirmed, will no longer have to pseudo portray itself as an iconic democracy with a two-party system of Tweedledee and Tweedledum taking turns running two chambers of Congress or having a figurehead at the White House.  The “new” Democrats will become de-facto America’s permanent Tweedlewe; no farcical need to mask this nation’s bi-cephalic military-corporate elite running the declining empire; the end to Tweedledee and Tweedledum political nursery rhymes.

Should the blue-collar ultra-right contingent swelling Trump’s third of the Republican electorate-poll be allowed to take charge in this Hamelinian march to choose a GOP candidate, one could envision doomsday for the Republican Party as the unlikely but workable coalition braided today of evangelicals, Wall Street banksters, neo-Nazi-cons, coupon-bond clippers, and other folks who prefer martyrdom, or economic slavery, to any change in the status quo.

A Trump candidacy would likely bring not only a disastrous defeat in the presidential election but would also affect negatively GOP’s membership in Congress… with the probability of losing one or both houses.  And that would likely take place whether the Democrats present current heroine Hillary Clinton, who made vaginal cream of her GOP inquisitors in the televised Benghazi congressional hearing this past week, as their candidate… or anyone else.

It would behoove the leadership of the Republican Party to isolate and burn in effigy this arrogant, unelectable, and questionable success-fraud, Donald Trump… and bring to the podium a cast of “normal” conservatives, even if tainted or painted as political insiders.  So is Hillary Clinton, after all!

Let’s face it, come November 2016, Americans, whether lining up right or doing so left, will be telling themselves to vote for the Lesser-Evil of the two, not realizing that they are voting for Tweedledee or Tweedledum; or one of two sets of Bobbsey twins.