Power-Sharing, as Un-American as Humble Pie

 It could be in the nature of those holding power, irrespective of ethnicity or other set apart characteristics; but power-sharing in today’s America, or yesterday’s for that matter, does not have much of a following.  Compromise in the international arena is basically reserved for dead-end situations where force majeure doesn’t allow Americans to impose their will, such as grudgingly accepting MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) during these past five decades.  Does any student of the global body politic think for a minute that Russia would be standing today free from the claws of the American empire were it not for US’s fear that militarily attacking her would reduce us all to ashes?

On the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine we find ourselves at a loss as to what might be happening after the votes are counted and a new government takes the reins in Kiev.  Vladimir Putin must be confident that whoever oligarch gets elected will have sufficient common sense to negotiate with its big sibling to the east and assure her that she won’t be raped by the United States with the EU-NATO preparing the rendezvous stage.  Or at least Putin is making it clear to Petro Poroshenko, the candidate likely to succeed as projected by pollsters (possibly without the need for a June 15 runoff), and a dozen and a half other candidates, that Russia’s government will respect the will of the Ukrainian people… “while the elections are closely watched.”

Contrary to blatant propaganda ignited by an insincere West (the US and NATO nations), Putin’s government has no intention of enlarging the Russian Federation with Ukrainian Real Estate, Crimea being an isolated and key military bastion in the Black Sea which needed to return to the Motherland.  All Putin, and overwhelmingly the Russian people, are after is the assurance of a buffer state in Ukraine without US missiles pointing at Moscow, and that implies a nation that would not join NATO, and some form of regional confederation that will allow the Russia-friendly eastern part of Ukraine to keep balance of power in Kiev.

Russia has provided economic help to Ukraine in the form of energy subsidies and a strong bilateral trade, probably as reward for much for her neutrality in the East-West competitive face-off as for the two nations common ancestry and heritage.  It would seem as insane for Russia to take on, willingly, the economic problems associated with bringing Ukraine to the Federation… not even the current secessionist areas of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Poroshenko has often suggested that Ukraine joining NATO would not be such a good idea.  And several other candidates appear to agree with that assessment.  It is Yulia Tymoshenko, the loud Fatherland voice and mother-hen of the extreme right (so-called fascists in pejorative terms), that is clearly committed to a marriage with the West without failing to recognize that a marriage still exists between Russia and Ukraine… and that trying to force a divorce to allow Ukraine’s remarriage may bring dire consequences for everyone in Yulia’s beloved Fatherland.

Current polls give her less than 10 percent of the vote; however, if a runoff is required she could command perhaps as much as a third of the vote… perhaps even more.  And, although that would not elevate her to the presidency, it could create political chaos since the present leadership in Euromaidan has served notice that the government to be elected had better meet their demands, which include major clean-up in economic and political corruption… and closer ties to the European Union.  Meeting those demands in a nation corruptly-ran by fewer than a dozen oligarchs represents a formidable task… perhaps an impossible task.  Unlike Putin, who was able to subdue the Russian oligarchy, Poroshenko doesn’t appear to possess the leadership to do quite the same thing in Ukraine.

And that, unfortunately, leaves the door open to a possible civil war… and Russia’s foregone intrusion to safeguard her own interests.

Meantime our neocon-infested State Department and the Pentagon continue to provide imprimatur to America’s corporate media to propagate lies demonizing Putin and Russia and glorifying our American empire.  Yet, we are the folks who started the entire mess in Ukraine. 

Our forefathers must be turning in their graves!  Unfortunately, power-sharing is proving to be as un-American as humble pie.