America in dire need of a messianic sacrificial lamb

Klutziness by Obama in trying to marshal public support for health-care reform is now erasing the last remaining dash of hope held by the true progressive crowd; and even the most loyal and patient among them appear ready to throw in the towel. Perhaps there were too many of them that, during the last presidential elections, took the word “change” to heart; a change which has neither occurred, nor is it likely to materialize during this administration’s tenure. We’ve had seven months of an Obama presidency in which little of consequence has taken place to serve either justice, peace or the well-being (welfare) of Americans.

An attorney by education and training, Obama has demonstrated his disregard for US constitutional law, as well as several aspects of international law this nation is bound to observe by virtue of its membership in the United Nations; or, even more profoundly, by the unwritten laws of neighborly respect among nations, and basic human morality.

Behind the political shield moralizing that a greater good would be served by not bringing criminal charges against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales and their cohorts, the President is wishing, as Richard Whately might have put it, for truth to be on his side, instead of wishing sincerely to be on the side of truth. Truth that became self-evident given the level of apoplectic criminality that took place during those eight years of neocon rule… which in its search for empire tallied millions of people dead, disabled or displaced in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. Truth – unquestionable genocide in this case – which has been ignored by purposely failing to bring about the administration and procedure of law. As head of the nation, Obama should have insisted upon taking office for an immediate investigation by the independent Department of Justice of those individuals who criminally governed. Yet, here we are once again preaching moral rightness to the world after recklessly dismissing justice for ourselves.

And just as Obama blundered in seeking justice for both America and its victims, he has followed a similar arduous path with peace. Much rhetoric and international posturing with regard to a solution for harmonious coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, yet only acting on signals provided by the Zionist fifth column operating throughout the US body politic, as demonstrated by his comment to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during the latter’s visit this past week to the White House, as Obama called for both, Palestinian concessions and the willingness of Arab states to engage Israel – while in a quid pro quo gesture, he is having special envoy George Mitchell return to the region. What for, may we ask? We all know that Gaza is being punitively bled for electing the “wrong leadership” over three years ago.

Apparently, if Israel is not quite ready to compromise on an inconvenient peace, neither is the United States – and that’s something we assume has been made clear to Obama; as has the “unclear” exit from Iraq; or the expansion of military activity in Afghanistan, a la Vietnam. As Obama so succinctly puts it, we are still after Al-Qaida… it was just that Bush was conducting the search in the wrong place, Iraq… instead of Afghanistan. But if you search for war, no matter where you do it… how can you be seeking peace?

Barack Obama entered the White House with that self-confidence that sprang after the many partisan political rallies where jubilance was proclaimed in the chant: Yes we can! And he probably thought he might have a chance in persuading, then enlisting, a broad spectrum of America in helping him become the catalyst for change.

That was illusory at best, and dement at worst; something which became rather obvious when he came into the presidency clamoring change, yet choosing to be surrounded by Bill Clinton’s advisory court, and a chief of staff in the person of Rahm Emanuel. How then could Obama be the conduit for change?

Justice and peace, however, are just playing second fiddle in today’s American Political Symphony while the economy and health care compete for first violin. And the strings in the domestic realm are the domain of corporate America and its strong lobbyist-hold that keeps working and voting America on its knees; some clamoring for change. A final crumpling of Obama on health-care reform would come if a competing government-run plan (public option) is not included in legislation to be passed, representing the final nail in Obama’s political coffin. And activism of the racist variety coupled with a deluge of dollars from insurance firms and other groups benefiting from the status quo have helped create a thick layer of lies, rumor and innuendo that seem to overwhelm him. If he’s unable to win this battle, perhaps the easiest of all, how could he be expected to forge change in American foreign policy?

And if the level of implanted ideas in Americans’ psyche (“socialism” comes to mind as one) makes change improbable, if not impossible, why not from the pulpit of the White House preach the gospel of truth?

Yes. Politically, economically and socially, America is in dire need of a true messianic sacrificial lamb. A prophet, an emissary of truth, telling the nation all the things that are wrong, and the nation’s blindness to them – whether out of pride, out of ignorance, likely both; a prophet willing to immolate himself to the anger of a frustrated, lied-to nation, so that a messiah can come on his footsteps to effect the change.

But Barack Obama will not allow himself to be that sacrificial lamb! And that’s too bad, for without a sacrificial lamb – call him Isaac or call him Ishmael – we cannot have change… for prior to change, those firmly opposed to change which benefits society as a whole, and not just special private interests, must be exposed and left unmasked.

For now, it seems to us that justice, peace and well-being have all been unconditionally surrendered to the powers that rule America… which, by the way, is not solely corporate power, but power from many fronts, some with racial and religious overtones.