What do you know... the Emperor has no clothes!

No big deal… the Dow Industrials lost over 500 points today; just a little taste of volatility in the markets, that’s all! We have a government that guarantees capitalism is here to stay, no matter what, so worry not! So what if risk has been understated all along throughout the financial markets, insurance companies and the rest. Our good citizens, ignorant taxpayers that we all are, will pay. Rest assured that it won’t be the elite that run this United States!

You’ve been living in a fantasy world, then finally wake up one Monday morning and act surprised that such paradise was but a wet dream brought about by reading that erotic textbook in Economics 101 published by your government. Well, take a shower and clean up your bed, you fool… sooner or later it had to occur. And this is just the start; the financial meltdown of irresponsible, predatory capitalism is soon to come.

Even the great guru, and master of gobbledygook, has made another appearance on the parade grounds to tell us that the Emperor might not be wearing a fancy, sequined robe but much more modest garb! Well, well, well… what do you know! We need to ask Greenspan to stop his worthless palavering once and for all; stay retired, out of the masses’ sight, or he may end up hanging by his reptilian, forked tongue! He’s been a great part of the problem, and there’s no saving face for him… best for him is to stay away and let the vultures and hyenas dispose of the carnage he helped create.

And just what is it that has been taking center stage in the media these days?

Government intervention and guarantees… but isn’t that us? Are we in some type of idiotic stupor when we fail to recognize that the government is not a third party to the deal, but that we, the people, are? There are trillions upon trillions of dollars that have been readily guaranteed through legislation passed by politicians ready to please, and also keep their jobs. Not just in housing, or limited deposits in financial institutions (banks, S&L’s and credit unions), but in areas that cover every aspect of our lives. Perhaps most critical among all guarantees, and one balloon soon to burst, has to do with the little talked-about size of “student loans.” Unlike most industrialized nations, and even many of the developing ones, we have no access to free higher education… we just go ahead and, simply, let our young people charge it. Little wonder that costs in higher education, just like those in health care, keeps inflation (unmitigated growth) going through the roof. We, through our fiscally ignorant and/or irresponsible legislation, promote this economic cancer and seem to care less.

It took a while but, finally, the merit of one-issue agendas in our elections is coming home to roost. It won’t be long before evangelicals, blacks, women, homosexuals and myriad other groups start seeing that peace and a sound economy have priority above all, and that it need not be mutually exclusive with their legitimate claims. America needs to renounce to its hegemony-quest and help promote peace in the world – non-confrontational dealings with Russia, China and other up-and-coming nations in the world… and a fair foreign policy agenda for the Middle East – and also overhaul predatory Reagan economics to the reality of a working, cohesive society, and not the two economic Americas we have today.

But with barely 49 days left to the presidential election, those two key issues are not up for discussion in our travestied, bi-cephalic politics. So we’ll end up getting our just deserts!

In a timely manner, to squeeze the last few political drops from a dried-up lemon, John McCain just finished making an imbecilic statement by saying that his first priority as president of this nation will be to reform Wall Street. Yeah… sure! Take that to bank and deposit it with an FDIC guarantee; better still, take it to your favorite savings and loans. Sen. McCain “knows” all about S&L institutions, doesn’t he? Or, are our memories so short-termed we have forgotten the reprieve he was given two decades ago? Yes, for being a Vietnam POW-hero… after his involvement in the S&L scandals; when many of us knew justice wasn’t being served by shielding the senator from disgrace, and maybe even a prison term (Keating Five fiasco).

Is a true Wall Street meltdown, a direct hit, coming to us from an approaching category 3 economic hurricane in the next few days? Probably not; government and Corporate America are likely to find a way to bring the winds down to category 1 or even a tropical storm, by impoverishing the low-rung taxpayer to new depths. However, the troubled, warming waters and moist air of this economy are waiting for the next hurricane, or the one after that; eventually, there will be one of cataclysmic proportions that no one will be able to stop, and we’ll have our much sought-after economic rapture, our economic Armageddon.