Sarah of Alaska... will she help crown GOP's dauphin?

Maybe our recollection of the Hundred Years’ War between England and France is not vivid in our minds as to historical details, but the epic lore for the reconquest of France from the Brits probably is. Joan of Arc has to be everyone’s heroine, not just the French. And there’s little argument Charles VII had her to thank for becoming king of France.

Will the “Lady from Wasilla” have a similar impact as the “Maiden from Orleans” had, and show sufficient vice-presidential mettle to help crown the Republicans’ aging dauphin? Is it possible that this pretender to the White House, John McCain – long on houses and wealth, and short on temper and brains – can benefit from the help of this experience-virgin, Sarah of Alaska?

Everything is possible in America! And much can be made probable in America’s circus politics. In fact, Sarah’s contribution has already started; her reading of the teleprompter of the acceptance speech was far better than McCain’s reading of his; at the very least, far more animated – which, of course, doesn’t require much.

It matters little that both acceptance speeches did not only stretch the truth but in a very significant way misrepresented the facts; whether in their true position on lobbying; their experience, to include responsibilities and duties in government; proposed taxation, and its impact on different socioeconomic classes; and just about every topic under the sun, be it of domestic or international importance. As for the two key issues now facing the nation, America’s economy sinking into depression, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq… zilch was said! McCain, as expected, provided only a litany of platitudes.

We, Americans, accept mud-slinging and lying as part of the body politic represented by the two major parties, but in the specialized fields of outright lying and performing dirty tricks, Republicans, at least during the past four decades, win hands down over the not-so-skilled Democrats. Or, could it be by chance that the latter are more ethical?

Whether choosing Sarah Palin as running mate turns out to be an election coup or a coup de grâce for McCain remains to be seen. Her religious fundamentalism and rural-frontier image will no doubt maintain the bible, gun-toting crowd in the Republican fold, although it is doubtful that any of these folks ever strayed from the GOP and its current proclaimed “values.” A presumed schism among evangelicals on doctrinal focus was more wishful thinking than fact for Democrats who seem unable to understand that a basic tenet of fundamentalism is intolerance for others’ beliefs… or lack of beliefs.

Some in the mainstream media have started to portray Sarah Palin as a populist, which implies supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite, something she obviously does in reverse. Her political philosophy spells just as Plain as her Palin name with two letters transposed. She stands for social and fiscal conservatism, but dogmatically wrapped in religion, her Christian religion. Five years after the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, she still considers Bush’s criminal quest as a “task that is from God.”

Whatever accolades and surges in popularity Sarah Palin gets between now and November 4, Election Day, American voters, and that would also include those who commune with her in faith, must allow themselves a minute of rationality – and not just be swept by emotion – before marking the ballot and giving their vote to the McCain-Palin ticket. Voters need to realize that Sarah of Alaska is no Joan of Arc; and that while Joan of Arc – probably the first “cross dresser” to be elevated to sainthood – was instrumental in ending the Hundred Years’ War, Sarah of Alaska and her ticket partner would likely keep this nation in war for another hundred years. McCain has already said that much about our stay in Iraq, if that’s how long it takes for the United States to be able to declare victory.

At least Joan of Arc only communicated with God, by way of prayer, through three saints (Michael, Catherine and Margaret); but it appears that both George W. Bush and Sarah Palin have a direct line with the Almighty.

No, Sarah of Alaska, you are not a Joan of Arc; nor are you a Hillary Clinton. Not in a hundred years, not in a million years... and, hopefully, not at the Ballot Box!