Obama's trip to the confessional

Can you picture Barak Obama held by the ear, Father Politics forcefully leading him to the confessional to be cleansed of all his foreign policy sins? Those of us raised under the guidance of the Holy Roman and Apostolic Church, pre-Vatican Council II, are likely to appreciate best the meaning of telling “father” our sins at a time when the sacrament was known as Penance or Confession; and not the present day, socially and politically correct, Reconciliation. But a little imagination should be able to transport us to the days of the Latin mass… and political mass hysteria.

America circa 1965 was really not all that much different from today. It had already buried JFK (John F. Kennedy) and was preparing to bury MLK (Martin Luther King) and RFK (Robert F. Kennedy) in a couple of years. Communism and Socialism were evil then as they are now, and we were fighting those windmills of social, political and economic thought (change) with true quixotic charge, idiotically fighting in Vietnam and shunning Cuba for being a rebellious Latin kid-nation trying to assert its independence, finding its way. We were also grudgingly ready to consent to Israel’s war of expansion. Four decades have passed, but in foreign policy little of consequence has changed.

On Monday, July 23, Barack Hussein Obama, the junior United States senator from Illinois, and declared candidate to the presidency via the Democratic Party, made some comments on foreign policy that some people found refreshing, but which had the party fathers reaching for the strongest possible mouthwash. Sacrilegious talk, Obama!

It is sacred dogma to accept that only the United States is enlightened to know which nations – or their leaders – are renegade angels, and which have the true vision of God. Willingness by an American president to break bread with people like Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong II, al-Assad, and heads of state of the same ilk is verboten until a special dispensation is obtained… from the Pentagon… from Israel… from Predatory Corporate America… from the Cuba Nostra, or any of the other columns of power that sustain this nation. For anyone to buck the system is naïve, according to Sen. Clinton; and such head-of-state meetings must be regarded as “a step-by-step process” if we follow the advice of former secretary of state Madeleine Albright.

Repent young man, confess your foreign policy sins and you will be absolved, found to be in grace and ready to partake in the presidential-race communion. And America promises not to give you a rosary, litany and all, as penance. Join the other Democratic and Republican supplicants – candidates in Holy Grace – who want to keep the faith of our fathers, and the hope of our children, consumingly intact. Kneel at the prie-dieu and when the sliding screen opens, just say: “Forgive me, America, for I have sinned.”

Repent, Barak Obama! It’s either a public confession showing unequivocal repentance, or you might soon be known by your middle name. It may not be too long before a black, a woman or a Jew is elected to the highest office in the land, but given past and current poisoning of our minds – from all quarters – with anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim propaganda, it’s going to take a long, long while before our electorate is deemed ready to send someone familiarly referred to as Hussein to the White House. Not a problem as a guest, but definitely so as a rent-free resident.

Many of us have held back making commentary or passing judgment on this politician that we acknowledge to be intelligent and articulate, a “Bush-antonym” in those two aspects, simply because his resume in the political arena is brief and uncontroversial. Sen. Obama might be taking a calculated political gamble by being bold and refreshing, since old faithful moderation – of the stay-to-the-right variety – is unlikely to get him enough support from the Tweedledee-corrupt hierarchy of the Democratic Party and its seemingly already decided commitment to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Some of us will continue to withhold comment on this charismatic individual until we find what he is made of, both idealistically and politically.

America has many, many problems to solve in the domestic arena. But none of those problems can be effectively tackled until we free ourselves from the present yoke in the foreign arena, and the policies that make this country an international piranha. Solve that, and we’ll be mentally and politically prepared to solve all the domestic woes.

Will Obama renounce his sacrilegious behavior, or will he have the mettle to resist the Democratic powers and accept possible excommunication? Venture a guess?