Inarticulate capo, articulate consiglieri

It was boiling inside, just like it had been with Mount Saint Helens on May 20, 1980; in like manner, Former President Jimmy Carter just couldn’t keep it suppressed any longer so, defying sure-to-come criticism from the usual quarters, he let his own lava-thoughts be known telling us in a diplomatic way what he thinks of the Junior Bush administration and its misdeeds, his outburst taking place while mine was just getting underway.

Twenty-seven years ago today I had a front row seat to St. Helens’ volcanic eruption, on a Sunday afternoon, barely 40 miles away. Today, I join Carter in his patriotic blast.

Pleezzz… once again, and this time around I want it to be in bold letters and underlined: I do not – repeat, do not – hate George W. Bush! That seems to be a question that I am asked by email with a frequency only surpassed by one other: why, they ask, do I hate the troops… often worded as “why don’t you support the troops.” People who put forth those two questions seem to be jumping to conclusions based on false premises drawn from the often bitter dissent they read in my columns; a dissent which may not be much different from that of Jimmy Carter or many other thinking, concerned Americans.

It’s time for clarification on exactly how I feel about someone that I neither dislike nor hate: the POTUS (President of the US) gifted us by the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US). But neither does that imply by any stretch of the imagination that I like the man.

Call it a technicality if you wish, but I don’t feel that you should like or dislike, love or hate, people you have not met and, most importantly, those you have not broken bread with. Pass judgment, if you must, on what they do, or how they do it, but avoid allowing even a speck of emotion to blend in and make it a personal thing. That doesn’t prevent us from resenting, utterly despising and hating policies and laws that are inflicted on a helpless citizenry anesthetized with the super-toxic political chloroform of both fear and pseudo-patriotism. After all, isn’t that what we’ve been having for almost six years?

Doesn’t it seem reasonable then that one would place the blame on the capo who rules from the Casa Bianca granting favors and providing the “kiss of death” as if he were not just America’s but the world’s omnipotent padrino? This “kiss of death” has affected millions of people both in and outside these United States. But although I passionately hate just about everything Capo Bush has done for six years, I prefer to think that Bush is just someone I’ve never met; a person I never had tapas with, or other culinary treats.

Carter’s characterization of the Bush administration as being the “worst” in US history is clearly based on Bush’s adopted foreign policy which explicitly accepts the concept of pre-emptive war (Iraq) and a skewed position on the Israel-Palestine issue, criticizing Bush for “zero peace talks in Israel.” And on the domestic front, criticism from Carter, a deeply religious man, stems from the way Bush is reneging on the long-existing tradition in America of a clear separation between church and state, as proven by Washington’s grants to religious charities amounting to several billion dollars.

My own criticism goes alongside that of Former President Carter in those two areas, but extends far, far beyond as I see this administration as best pal to a capitalist patronage system like no other on this earth, past or present, while being the nemesis of efficient, moral free enterprise. Yes, there is such thing as moral, free enterprise! With an agenda which appears solely designed to expropriate the little wealth the poor have left, Bush embarked from day one of his presidency to make America a nation highly leveraged economically, politically and morally… an America fast walking towards the verge of bankruptcy. Bush’s vision of America has got to be one of “order and classes,” a clearly regressive type of conservatism which can take the nation, particularly in this era of globalization, to another America of several generations back.

Self-anointed “the decider” – safely assumed with the advice of consigliere Karl Rove – this super capo does not present himself as a person whose mere presence can bring out in us that feeling of unrestrained anger that turns into hate, no matter his anti-people stance, one that he prefers to hide behind a smirk or a wink. And regardless where the POTUS stands, whether behind a formal presidential podium or walking among a well-screened crowd of ditto-ideology dispensing handshakes and congeniality, Bush does not inspire hate, only uneasy embarrassment for his simplistic views and repetition. It shows us that with this neocon mafia the capo need not be articulate, only the consiglieri. And, also a must for the consiglieri is that they be assertive, no matter the incredible garbage, or lies, spouted. Assertiveness is the name of the game for Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and the rest of this administration’s past and present consiglieri… helping a lot when they deliver the stronzata – bullshit to most of us – in an articulate manner.

Carter also criticized Blair for his subservient role in the Iraq affair, a major blot in an otherwise honorable public service career. Of course, Carter didn’t mention the third man at the pre-invasion (Iraq) meeting at the Azores. Obviously, a pretentious fool doesn’t deserve any ink.

It’s only natural for the Casa Bianca to dismiss the denunciation by Carter as coming from a person they consider irrelevant… just like most of the country is, and always has been, to them.