Bush must have his victory, no matter how pyrrhic

Listen! Can you hear any melodic intonations coming out of the fat lady? No? Then, don’t grab your coat… not just yet. This Wagnerian opera ain’t over. Iraq’s third act hasn’t been finished yet, much less sung. All you are getting from this bellicose fat lady with a warrior’s headdress and a smirk on her face is the noise from her sonorous farts; but she hasn’t yet sung. We’re told to have patience; that the Democratic Congress ushering during the remaining half of Bush’s second act is passing out ear plugs that are expected to muffle Middle East noise. Excuse me for laughing but… fat chance!

It’s all about legacy… or so we are being told by this smart collection of know-nothing know-it-alls that circulate in the embarrassing corporate-owned media which has kept this nation totally in the dark for years, partly through ignorance but mostly through accommodating deceit. Let’s face it, the bequest by this president has already been made for some time and no gift-wrapping using a fanciful box tied with colorful ribbons can change the essence of this gift: the malodorous and unsightly excrement from America’s incompetent prince.

So what’s this talk about a surge, about a new strategy for Iraq? We still don’t seem to get it, do we? It’s not a new strategy for Iraq that is needed, but a strategy for the US: A strategy that redefines our nation to the world; one with a sensible foreign policy that will allow this nation to reenter the community of peace-seeking and dialoguing nations. But our leader is anathema to that community. And we appear unwilling to impeach.

A surge… for what purpose, may we ask? Is it in America’s best interest to have the Shiite consolidate its power over a Sunni population less than half its size? Or, is this administration’s aim humanitarian, to make sure the Shiite limit their level of revenge against a Sunni population that had the power and favor under the rule of Saddam Hussein? Or, could the reason have to do with the Kurds, and the consolidation of America’s permanent military presence in a new Kurdistan? Or, is it really simpler than all of that?

The simple answer, si vous plait! In truth, Bush has a final choice to make… either he comes clean with a mea culpa to the nation and resigns in disgrace, or he extends the conflagration in Iraq, perhaps compounding it with some type of intervention in Iran; anything to keep the fire from extinguishing, since that would mean defeat for him. For doing it this way, there’s always a slim chance to minimize his share of defeat… or even blame. At the end of the day, this becomes a very easy decision for such an arrogant, unrepentant and incompetent Decider-In-Chief.

While we are facing the reality of Bush’s catastrophic bequest to this nation – by defiling the world’s trust, by reckless blood-spilling, and by his fixation in applying socio-economic engineering – there is another reality that we, as a people and a nation aspiring to freedom and peace, must never overlook. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be done to right the ship of state until the man living in the White House is forced to vacate… to leave the premises either via resignation, together with that of his vice president; or via impeachment. A two-year wait will solve none of the present problems, and could likely precipitate even greater disasters as the result of a “nothing-to-lose” attitude in those who, with imperial arrogance, continue governing this nation, in much the same way as the British did in colonial times – according to George Washington – and described as “founded equally in malice, absurdity and error.”

But Americans appear to be resigned to let George W. Bush have his pyrrhic victory, no matter at what present or future cost to the nation. So, bring the surge on!

By the time The Wizard of Inc. leaves the presidency in January 2009, he will have coined not just the worst presidency in US history, but one of the most incompetent and troubling governments of modern times, anywhere. The only salvation, only redemption for this nation would be to have this one-of-a-kind pseudo-leader immediately impeached; but that requires a valiant, determined people that can force the issue over a corrupt, duopolistic body politic. In the absence of impeachment, we must help Bush find his pyrrhic victory while we, the people, get our just deserts.