Are Iraqis creatures from a different creator?

Did Iraqis come to be from a creator of their very own… a lesser god, perhaps?

Not just Iraqis, but Palestinians and Lebanese as well! One only needs to ask the two ladies who have handled America’s affairs of state: Madeleine (for Clinton) and Condoleezza (for Bush). Those half-million Iraqi children who died in the 90’s as a result of American-instigated United Nations’ sanctions was a price well worth paying, according to Ms. Albright; and the tragic losses that were being suffered by Lebanon last year in the July War were no reason to call a cease-fire, as that was a necessary price to pay for Bush’s effort to create a “new” Middle East, according to Ms. Rice.

Statements such as those made by America’s 64th and 66th secretaries of state are not just horrific, but border on holocaustic when coming from the gentler gender, our always trusted depository for care and compassion. It is little wonder that Rice had been Albright’s father's favorite student at the University of Denver. Indeed, birds of a feather do flock together. But, did it have to be at the United States’ State Department? And do these birds have to be hawks instead of doves?

Has it ever occurred to Condoleezza Rice that she has been complicit to the tragedy of more Iraqi casualties (civilian dead and wounded) than the number of air miles she has logged, or will log, as a globe-trotting Secretary of State? Of course, Iraqi lives don’t quite count the same way as American, or Israeli… do they, Ms. Rice? Different peoples require – as evidenced by your rhetoric – different abacuses, right?

Wrong, Madam Secretary! Unless you are a consummate racist, you should know that human joy as well as human suffering is gifted to us by the same creator… as we have all emerged on this planet as a single species, Homo sapiens. And as an American of black ancestry you are expected to know better and, if anything, should be championing one-abacus for all: Muslim, Christian, Jew… as well as all other people whose certified provenance did not originate with Abraham.

For those who may question, or challenge, the fact that too many Americans hold deep prejudices towards Iraqis as well as other Arabs… and all Muslims, even if homegrown, one would suggest that you ask yourself, if you attend religious services – Christian or Jewish – when was the last time a prayer was said during the services invoking peace and safety for all people in harm’s way in Iraq… not just “our soldiers” but everyone. The answer should speak volumes and depict how we value life – ours and theirs – and whether hypocrisy is rife, as we pay little attention to Christ’s message in the Gospels (New Testament) or what’s written in the Mishnah and the Gemara (Talmud).

Fuad Siniora, Lebanon’s Prime Minister and America’s model for the type of leadership it hopes for the Middle East challenged the message delivered last summer by Ms. Rice from George W. Bush by asking: “Is the value of human rights in Lebanon less than that of citizens elsewhere? Are we children of a lesser god? Is an Israeli teardrop worth more than a drop of Lebanese blood?”

If we really want a measure of how much Iraqi blood has been spilled since the ill-fated invasion four years ago, let’s just say that the entire American population, young and old, native and immigrant (documented or not), could all be waving at the same time 8”x15” American flags, all soaked in Iraqi blood. Blood that is as vermilion and dear as ours is… blood for which Americans, directly or indirectly, are responsible for.

Our prejudicial feelings, whether cultural, ethnic or religious have very little to do with any conflict that may be found in the Quran, the Bible or the Talmud. It is disregard or denial of what is written in those books that brings the conflict. And if we start assigning quantifiable worth to the value of life according to demonical preferences, we might as well cast the three books aside. For religion would have done little to humanize us, to bring a measure of humanity’s all-important respect and compassion.

No. Iraqis are definitely not creatures of a different creator. And neither are Lebanese, Palestinians, or other Arabs; or any other people who share this earth with us.