So long [Joe Lieberman], it's been good to know you

Our intent is neither to plagiarize nor to diminish in any way Woody Guthrie’s great lyrics to his memorable1942 song. We just feel that this masterpiece, one many of us have so often chanted, could not be more apropos to the 2006 Connecticut Democrats’ repudiation of an unashamed man-of-war at a time when the nation requires men-of-peace. Not that Mr. Lieberman was necessarily a good representative of his party on the other non-war issues.

Again, with apologies to Mr. Guthrie, one can picture a Nutmeggers’ chorale, directed by Ethan Allen, singing:

We got the news that the voting got done
It was straight to Capitol Hill that we run
And all of the Dem-crats in Nutmeg land
Was a running up and a running down

So long [Joe], it’s been good to know you
So long [Joe], it’s been good to know you
So long [Joe], it’s been good to know you
There’s a mighty big war that’s got to be stopped
And we’ll take back this country again.

The voters have shown lil' room for doubt
Democrats was yelling and patting themselves
And while the count was making-it clear
We hugged each other and hoped for the best,


Now we know better and will take no more lies
Fascists in disguise neocons in flight
Lamont elected to go all the way
So we waved “goodbye” to the liars and the cheats,


We are on the march so Congress be prepared
Lost taste for lies no more of the same
With five reps and a sane Democrat
We’ll be singing this song to the people back home:


We know Congress is just a place to start
In need of much cleaning and rub-a-dub-dub
And while we’re cleaning Bush’s piles of dung
We sung this song in the wash.
It was:


So it won’t be long till the fascists are gone
And all of their likes are finished and done
We’ll throw the clods of dirt in their face
And walk away… from the Middle East



Joe Lieberman’s epitaph in politics may not have been written on this primary election, but this “impeachment of the undeserving” should inspire voters everywhere not to accept incumbency so matter-of-factly, even in one’s own party. There should be no “for-life” seats, although most senators feel offended if challenged in their own party after serving their first six-year term. Mr. Lieberman was said to be a “decent man” by many who knew him personally – some intimately – but decency can be defined in many ways. Its spectrum can include those who are very pious as well as criminals of war, and grades in between. Decency is really a matter of conscience.

There’s little question in my mind that America, and the world, will be better served without the services of this “decent man” who exceeds in hawkishness what he lacks in humility.