Republicans' October Surprise: Keep harmful surprises under lock and key

You can let your guard down for now, Ahmadinejad! Fear not, foreign and domestic enemies of the Empire! Bush’s White House has declared a moratorium on any new belligerence for the first half of the fall… and until after mid-term elections [November 7] you won’t hear an administration mouse squeak anywhere – other than the tireless Energizer pounding, tattooing in our minds, the message that national security can only be provided the elephantine way.

Everything the government does will stay classified, and our master control will only operate selected channels with censured pictures and no sound. And it will be allowed to remain that way as the US media continues to be its true self: docile and respectful, subservient and dumb. Until Election Day, silence will reign.

Bombing of Iran can wait another day, and Syria needn’t be accused of looking cross-eyed at Israel. The best way to assure a next Republican Congress is for the Bushies to keep a low hawkish profile until the vote has been tallied… their way.

As for Woodward’s book, any fire during the first week or two of guest appearances in the media will be quickly extinguished, and the controversy will die of natural death; after all, this questionable investigative reporter has been living for three decades off the Watergate fat. Didn’t he recently write two books where he gave Bush undeserved praise? Why should his compilation of rumors now lead us the other way? The nation has already been thoroughly brainwashed into extreme fear.

No, Woodward’s book will not serve as the Democrats’ own October Surprise. And the folks at the White House cannot ridiculously engage in saber rattling with any more nations that may represent evil to this messianic madman that occupies it. It’s just starting to dawn on both Pentagon and White House that you cannot run an empire without an imperial army; and the military cannot even keep up with the insurgencies in two nations, Afghanistan and Iraq, with a combined population of 50 million. For Bush to extend the crusade to 70 million Iranians would be sheer madness… and most people in his cabal may not be overly bright, but neither are they insane.

As for the military, the GOP-led Pentagon needs to keep things low key and cool. All those “investigations” involving crimes committed by the troops need to remain just that: investigations, purported crimes yet to be resolved. Haditha and the rest… hush! This is not the time to reach decisions and charge soldiers. Nor is this the time to tell the American public that recruitment for the military is not going well, and that now 1 in 7 enlistees joins the military thanks to a “moral waiver,” where the ratio was 1 in 9 before. Let’s face it; we are still a long ways from the “no questions asked” banner at the recruiting stations of the French Foreign Legion. [One prays it’ll never get to the point where gang-training becomes a positive trait for the recruitment of marines.]

And while they hush-hush the military dirty linen, it’s important that the wholesale deception extends to the economy as well. It’s critical for the GOP to maintain alive the myth of the “good economy” and keep the truth under wraps a little longer. For the “housing balloon” (misnamed a bubble) has began to deflate, and it will take a few months before the disappearing middle class comes to the realization that they are not so well-off; having lived during the past few years not on the fruits of their own labor but on the future sweat of their kids and grandkids. A bubble bursts all at once, but the “economy balloon” deflates slowly before recession, or worse, is finally reached.

As for the deteriorating state of “gainful employment”… sh! The GOP faithful, including its Wall Street frontline, must silence any rumors that America is becoming a minimum wage nation, and that in this “great” economy only 20 percent of the jobs (yes… one in five!) are adequately compensated to give a person a sense of worth, or the ability to maintain a household. Mum! This is a taboo topic, a growing economy where much of the workforce has been experiencing economic degeneration for over a generation… and wealth has been channeled to the reservoir of a chosen few and their enablers.

From now until November 7, the watchword for the GOP – its October Surprise – is to keep out any harmful surprises. The reality continues to be that a solid majority of American males still prefer a “regular Joe” they can watch a football game and have a beer with… and that’s Bush. And as far as American moms, they just want cheap gas for their SUVs; and gas prices have recently come down some… never mind how much they had gone up. So for the GOP, its best bet, its October Surprise, is hush! Make sure the political base gets to vote, while trying to keep others from the ballot box.

And, if this October Surprise of silence fails for the GOP… there is always a go-to last resort, a technological godfather of sorts, the Diebold voting machines (or Devil machines) where instead of a paper trail, there is a trail of sulfur… and rotten eggs. Not just in Ohio, but other states.

GOP’s October Surprise: to silence any possible military, political or economic surprises for the next five weeks. The rest [to keep ownership of Congress] is a Karl Rove cinch.