Could Santa Claus come early this year... say, on November 8th?

Ganging up on plausible Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi for stating in “60 Minutes” that impeachment of both Bush and Cheney is off the table may not be such a great idea. Convincing her that impeachment – properly handled as part of a master plan – could give America, and the world, much hope; that is definitely an idea worth pursuing, an opportunity that may never come again.

Not just an opportunity for Democratic politicians… but for Republicans as well! Even more importantly, an opportunity for all Americans to redeem ourselves; and show the world that our system of government may often appear as an old jalopy puffing along, polluting along the way, but that come hell or high water it can still get us there. That Americans, after a period of political delirium, can acknowledge their mistakes and are willing to make amends.

But first things first: Democrats must gain control of both houses of Congress; and the added national popular vote for Democrats must be significant: of landslide proportions, preferably in the 60-65% range. No master plan could be drafted unless there is true overwhelming popular support providing the political ink to write the plan, a referendum that would force American politicians to change present course. Also critically important, that the majorities remain voting majorities; no wolves in sheep’s clothing that would refuse to vote as a block, derailing the implementation of the master plan.

The master plan would need to be written and adopted by the Democratic leadership, and also made public, before the 110th Congress convenes on January 3, 2007. And it would have to be placed on the congressional table, displaying the impeachment of Bush and Cheney as its centerpiece.

As its preface, the plan should pronounce a commitment by the legislature, or at the very least the Democratic majority, to represent the interests of all people in the country and not just special interests; and that in order to do so, its first enactment of legislation would be a cutting and decisive election reform so that special interests could no longer, and blatantly, influence the vote. That preface should also include a clear apology to the people of the United States for Congress’ failure to exercise its constitutional duties when it relegated de facto its power to conduct war to the Executive (specifically, Bush in October 2002) – making it clear that it’s taking it back; symbolically, if nothing else.

Such plan would have the 110th Congress tackle all major issues that presently concern much of America, scheduling them in a transparent and achievable fast track. It should set forth a commitment to confront the problems of poverty and the short-term effects of globalization on the middle class – and the repealing, or non-renewal, of unjust taxation laws; the enactment of a minimum wage that in time would adjust to a living wage; and the reality that it’s justified, both morally and economically, to have a system of universal health care – just like the rest of the developed world has. Also commit to a process that would find a comprehensive solution to all matters dealing with immigration for the long term, and not just idiotic symbolism to obtain votes, such as the erection of a wall. And, of course, the drafting of multi-prong legislation that would make the United States energy self-sufficient, so that the nation would not have to resort to military intervention, or depend on repugnant international partnerships, to give Americans their “energy-fix.” Show that for once Americans would have a “working congress” to handle the affairs of the people; that the era of elitist bullshit, not getting things done, faces the guillotine!

As the centerpiece of this plan, and fundamentally needed for its execution, it would ask for the immediate resignation of both George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney, as president and vice president, respectively, of the United States. Should the resignations not be immediately and simultaneously tendered, impeachment proceedings would follow suit. That would be the critical requirement to convene an international peace effort to undo the mess we have created in Iraq – and for once, stop lying to the troops, and support them by bringing them where they belong: home.

Pelosi, who may be assumed to be the elected Speaker, would become the 44th president of the United States upon the resignation, or impeachment, of the Evil Two.

Imagine! Just imagine what Santa Claus could bring us on November 8th: the possibility of a nation redirected to the right course, with social justice and an overnight cure for hysterical fear; the return, if slow, of respect from the world community; a way to get a sane foreign policy in place that would not breed or feed international terrorism, or take us into imperial paths; and, finally, the creation of an atmosphere conducive to dialog which would bring a permanent peace for Israel, Palestine and the entire Middle East.

But perhaps the most exciting gift in Santa’s bag would be our first woman president. If we like her accomplishments by the time of the 2008 election… who knows, we might decide on a matrilineal presidency. Women certainly couldn’t do any worse than men.

All this “pleasant” dreaming… knowing that it’s time to wake up!