Johnny-come-latelies to the reality that is Iraq

It seems that not a day goes by without yet another political analyst, or person in the public eye, making some type of declaration as a solution seeker, or critic, to the mess the US has made in Iraq . Not that these folks are apologetic or repentant for their prior pro-war stance, they just want to be [or appear to be] conciliatory, to join the more harmonious choir of hope and reason.

Voice of hope? Voice of reason? From these Johnny-come-latelies? Not a chance!

Just an intuitive feeling in my part, but I just don’t believe people in the anti-war crowd, whether lone fighters or members of any advocacy group, care to have most of these newcomers, these “re-evaluators,” in their corner. Not because of self-righteousness or lack of need for support… but because of fear of contamination and treason from these fifth columnists with self-serving objectives. These re-evaluators are not just looking for a solution in Iraq to curtail suffering and despair, but mainly a solution to their own embarrassment for the choices they once made when siding with those who, although powerful and in control, proved to be totally incapable of getting the job done. It wasn’t choosing wrong over right… it was choosing to side with the inept that really bothers them, and something for which they wish to make amends.

Reality for these searchers for the “right solution” is definitely not within their grasp. These people are unrepentant… they are just unhappy with Bush’s continuing fumbling with an “unresolved” Iraq . Remorse is not an issue for them; theirs is an irksome annoyance at the untidy way in which the Incompetent-In-Chief is tackling the situation.

A situation “for America” in Iraq which for these chameleons is nothing short of a Greek tragedy without a concluding act; never mind the ongoing tragedy the US may have created for the people of Iraq. By calling the entire episode a tragedy, they disrobe of their prior hawkish attire, making them seem conciliatory, even anti-war.

But perhaps the real tragedy for Americans originates elsewhere. The tragedy which we have evidenced all along is the way in which these re-evaluators (politicians, journalists and socio-political commentators) defended the indefensible three years ago, helping build America ’s public opinion fervidly in favor of war; a war which had been in the front burner of an administration in Washington intent on achieving empire at any cost. Most of these present day re-evaluators deserve much of the credit for paving the warpath on which two-thirds of Americans faithfully followed Bush; while also shamefully helping the other pro-peace, pro-reason third be silenced and sent to unpatriotic oblivion; or, even worse, a humiliating finger-pointing and innuendo of treason.

George Packer, staff writer for The New Yorker, and one of these re-evaluators, in a recent article about the Iraq war wrote: “Lately, most Americans- liberals and conservatives alike- have become realists.” Wrong, George! Not most Americans, just your sort. Most Americans have always been realists; they just didn’t expect to be outrageously lied to. They were misled by those who were in a position to investigate and to influence with the truth… but who failed in their professional duty to do so, whether through incompetence or because they surrendered to the awe of power.

Although many of these re-evaluators profess to be bearers of fairness and moderation in their writings, the fact stands out that there is no such thing as fairness or moderation when dealing with truth. Truth has always been, is, and forever will be an absolute… never to become a journalistic or political compromise. Perhaps some of these journalists could get some insight by reflecting on what Richard Whately wrote on the love of truth: “It is one thing to wish to have the truth on our side, and another to wish sincerely to be on the side of truth.”

Just where were all these Johnny-come-latelies three years ago? They needn’t bother to answer… we know. The Judith Miller’s, and the Thomas Friedman’s… and legion more; they were all helping a Neanderthal elitist administration in Washington, directly or indirectly, with knowledge or in the dark, concoct a case for war. Well, they succeeded… they all deserve administration-loyalty medals. They can all take their well-deserved iron crosses, bestowed on them by the neocons, and march proudly along Pennsylvania Avenue hailing their Commander-In-Chief. All that’s asked of them is to stop preaching their sermons on the tragedy that is Iraq . After all, they helped write the script for the all-important first act.

Don’t expect the final act for Iraq ’s tragedy to be written in Washington . Hopefully, the Iraqis will be able to write it themselves… maybe with a little help from their brethren in the Arab League; or maybe through the efforts of other men of good will, able to clear a path for reconciliation.