Sinking of the Bushitania

In 1915 the Germans sunk the Lusitania . Four score and nine years later, another inept giant of the seas, the Bushitania, also appears vulnerable to a properly launched torpedo. But that torpedo must be directed from the right flank of the political spectrum. It has to be that way… or it won’t find its target.

For the majority of America ’s electorate, who for three generations appear to have been politically “eunuchized,” the choices of politicians presented to them are seldom, if ever, choices of substance... personality perhaps, but seldom substance.

A materialistic society made up of a super-majority of the American population embracing and faithful to the cult of consumerism has rendered the political Left ineffective, if not anachronistic. Where in FDR’s time, two-thirds of the population had a need for political leadership with a liberal /progressive agenda directed to improve their socio-economic lot, now only one-third of the U.S. population can be cast as downtrodden. And most of these folks, who intuitively know that there is no improvement in the horizon for them, have simply given up on politics and refuse to vote.

Since a change of heart is unlikely within this super-majority that make up America’s mainstream, and compassion is likely to be equated with “consent for the weak and non-producers,” the resurgence of the Left cannot be expected until the wealth-grabbers have distanced themselves so far from the poor that, as it was the case during the Great Depression, the downtrodden become the super-majority. And we may still be a generation away from that happening… unless it’s accelerated by the maturing of other powerful world economies, such as China 's and India 's.

Meantime, unless there is a mainstreaming of America ’s left, so that at the very least some moderate candidates are elected, the piracy of the neo-cons will continue as an on-going “cons-piracy.” The Left must lose itself in America’s mainstream, even if it keeps its progressive roots in America’s still existing underground of compassion.

It has been almost four years since the Bushitania was launched to conquer the seas of the ideological world and venture into distant lands to spread the gospel of democracy and bring them out a state of “heathenism.” This first American four-stacker ship of state, with thick plumes proudly displaying arrogance, hypocrisy, lies and economic thievery, has been navigating the waters of world affairs with a neophyte and inept crew of neo-cons, and a blind, theocratic visionary land-lubber… dressed as an admiral.

A top-heavy monster of the sea with an undeclared cargo of explosive lies and belligerent euphemisms is waiting to be torpedoed. The Bushitania is almost ready to explode, to sink of its own accord… all it needs is just a small torpedo aimed from the right flank of a U-boat.

Lt. John Kerry, a naval officer who commanded a patrol boat during the Vietnam War, has been asked to become a submariner and take command of America ’s only U-boat. The Bushitania, its magazine loaded to the hilt with lies and hypocrisy, is sailing in troubled waters. Its captain, top officers and rest of the crew are looking portside, aiming all their weapons at an enemy likely to be charging from the Left. But it is not the Left they should be worrying about… but the Mainstream Right.

Come November all it will take is just a well-placed torpedo from Kerry’s U-boat. The Bushitania will be no more. America ’s super-majority may have been duped into supporting the war-mongering and flawed policies of Bush, but they’ve had it with gross ineptitude… and if Lt. Kerry can shoot a torpedo from the Right, they’ll go along.

This is one way of letting the amoral majority of consumerism be heard… simply by mainstreaming America ’s Left. Some may think this is sad, but one needs to be realistic and take victory any way it can. Conscience-driven idealists must realize there is a price to be paid to achieve an eventual greater success.