Nine months from coin-tossing time

It’s over, the verdict is in! The Democratic Party machinery has come up with its raison d’ètre for 2004: to get rid of Bush. Nothing lofty, such as economic justice for the poor, or a better understanding of the downtrodden, or a more sincere and just foreign policy, or an economic policy that confronts the reality of unemployment and underemployment caused by US’s adherence to the WTO. No. The “Deus vult” (God wills it!) for this Democrat crusade is simply, “Let’s get rid of Bush!”

The foreplay within the Democratic Party appears to be over, the act consummated.

Now that “conception” has taken place, we are just a full pregnancy away from our quadrennial rebirth… that time when we flip a coin and see which side comes up, “dems or reps.” As much practice as we get, the results seem to be always the same: the powerful will continue to rule, the weak will remain enslaved. Heads or tails, dems or reps, America gets what it truly wants, little or no change.

My good cyber-friend Prof. Giacomo, humanist, humanitarian and a serious student of the body politic, has been proclaiming to the four winds that democracy is a fictitious elixir we are constantly told of, but never allowed to drink. (Most particularly in these United States, according to him.) Not at the very top of government, beset by the forces of special interests; not at the grassroots, where power commences and freedom ends.

The stallion chosen for this 2004 race is a true thoroughbred… with a regal mane, the right military gait, and many years at the Washington stables. Kerry has been proclaimed as the only knight capable of winning this joust against the Knight of Smoke and Mirrors, Lord Shrub (Bush to most of us).

There are many Democrats who worry more than a little about some features of Kerry’s bearing and personality, his patrician airs… which to some come to resemble much of Bush’s cockiness. Or that Kerry is a little “too French” perhaps. On this latter issue, I am sure the “party elders” will render some plan that will cleanse their candidate from those bad habits he may have picked up during his summers in Brittany as a youth… even his “parlez vous” parlance.

All that remains to be settled is choosing a VP candidate, one with humble beginnings and a “conservative heart,” preferably a Southern, bible-toting, Born Again Christian babba who can counter Kerry’s going to mass or praying with the rosary beads. That is kind of a must.

As for Dean… the “party elders” hope that he does his final Internet act… and virtually disappears from the scene. And quick! He was always too much of a maverick, treating the Washington political establishment with disdain. Just because he was anti-war does not mean a thing… on the contrary, American people were overwhelmingly for war… doesn’t he realize that? As far as the “party elders,” Dean is a proponent of change… and Americans, at least those who vote, do not want change or even the prospect of change.

It is difficult to contradict the “party elders” on their determination as to what voting Americans want, and change is not something that they have wanted for over seven decades. Any message given to the electorate must stay away from opening any Pandora box with social or other distasteful implications. The message needs to be “light” and addressed to American consumerism… misnamed by politicians as centrism.

Up to now, the cry of most aspiring Democratic politicians to the post of Bush-challenger has been, “let’s take America back.” The reality is that America has not gone anywhere, nor has unwillingly become the property of any pirate, nor sequestered for ransom. America is but a ping pong ball and there are only two players allowed to play the game. Rather than saying, let’s take America back, the Democratic player should say, it’s my turn to serve.